Last Modified Listing Feed Tony’s Low light NzQ0LTIwMjAtMDMtMTUgMTU6MzE6NDY= no photo<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;found in Pittsburgh in 2020-been in pittsburgh since the late 1980s. have contacts of two previous owners. now lizard green with plenty of bondo. missing speedo & clock and taillights due to PO PO selling them before selling the car to PO owner. 36hp engine would run with an hours work. gas tank needs cleaning. ]]> 1958 Convertible MTgyLTIwMjAtMDItMTIgMjM6NTQ6MDQ= Waiting patiently in the corner of the garage.]]> Coupe NzQzLTIwMjAtMDItMDYgMTM6MDY6Mzg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Shipped to Raffay dealership. Originally Cardinal Red with whitewall tires. 12v conversion, dual master cylinder modification. Original engine lost, currently 1200cc 36hp.]]> 59 Coupe NjQ3LTIwMTktMTItMjUgMTM6MjY6MjE= ]]> 1958 Karmann Ghia Conv MTE2LTIwMTktMTItMTggMjE6MjI6Mjc= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Due to be finished....FINALLY.....this March might see it at the Volksworld Show !<br /> <br /> Car restored to it's original condition back in 1958. <br /> <br /> All matching number car/engine too. Got VW birth certificate of proof. Original keys, key pouch, toolkit,jack and all Owners Manuals too]]> Mr Ghazzali Kalaff NzEyLTIwMTktMTItMTggMDg6NDI6MzA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Car restored to it's original condition in.58. All matching number car. Original colour/interior too. Original keys tool kit all owners manuals too.]]> Coupe 1957 NzIwLTIwMTktMTItMTIgMjI6MTU6MjE= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Originally delivered in The Netherlands on June 27, 1957; Now being restored in The Netherlands ]]> VIN 1966600 NTYtMjAxOS0xMS0xMSAyMzo0Njo0Ng== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Extras: <br /> M 355 US-Equipment<br /> M 578 Top Cover Sand Beige<br /> M 593 cannot be identified]]> 55 Coupe NTM3LTIwMTktMDktMjkgMTg6MTc6Mjk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;In traffic agin. Still things to fix or do better.]]> VIN 1253359 NzQxLTIwMTktMDktMTYgMjI6MzQ6MzY= ]]> VIN 1849752 NzQwLTIwMTktMDctMjggMjM6MDc6NDE= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba: <br /><br /> <br /> <br /> Owner since 1974- Father bought it for the kids to use during HighSchool. Meticulous Bare metal restoration beginning with a rust free car, over a 4 year period from Schneider Auto Karosserie in SLC, UT, family owned Sisters body shop who built the car for her daughter's High school graduation, Assembled and mechanically overhauled by Vintage German motors, (Orem, UT) before being shipped off to Red Sands Upholstery (Hurricane, UT) for an incredible stunning interior. Engine and Trans completely overhauled, Recently rebuilt transmission to exacting standards with new clutch. less than 1000 miles on rebuilt drive train and new suspension. Always garaged since being on road since 2015. EVERY MECHANICAL COMPONENT EITHER NEW OR COMPLETELY OVERHAULED TO EXACT GERMAN ORIGINAL STANDARDS- <br /> 1300 CC Completely rebuilt engine with all new German parts- <br /> Brand New Transmission and Clutch ,Original revised front beam,New suspension, New Brakes, Bilstein shock <br /> New Muffler (Danske) <br /> Original 356 chrome wheels and wolfsburg hubcaps, front 14mm sway bar, New cables throughout, new wiring throughout. Russt free starter, new floor plans, total bare metal restoration. <br /> 4 speaker custom sound-system w/AutoSound Radio, 2 channel hidden amp, 4 kenwood speakers, front custom mounted, rear boxed in rear storage bay. Plenty of room for your suitcase behind rear seat. Gorgeous dependable, reliable safe daily driver or park it in your showroom. To many details for this ad, custom 100+ photos available upon request of anything on car. ]]> VIN 2043992 NzM5LTIwMTktMDctMjggMjI6MjE6NDU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;The karmann had only one owner and came with the first licenceplates and has only 66.000 km. <br /> <br /> It was made in Belgium]]> VIN 2067645 NzM4LTIwMTktMDctMjcgMjI6MDE6MjQ= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on E-bay in july 2019:<br /> <br /> I bought this in a package deal from MN where the Ghia was under a tarp from 1985 to 2015. . <br /> <br /> <br /> This is a car someone should restore as it would be a shame not to, here are some important facts: <br /> <br /> -matching numbers<br /> -motor is not spinning freely<br /> -has most of top frame <br /> -car will roll<br /> -has 2 seats plus the back seat ( I am not sure if the front seats were original)<br /> -have the headlight bezel, the jack and radio plus rear bumper parts to go with.<br /> -no vin tag on trunk area but has embossed production number<br /> -door glass in tact<br /> -one visor present ]]> Karmann Ghia Coupe NzM3LTIwMTktMDYtMzAgMDQ6MDg6MDQ= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Hoping to bring the car back to a nice standard.]]> VIN 2262945 NzM2LTIwMTktMDYtMjkgMTM6MjM6MjQ= ]]> modified 58 vert NTUyLTIwMTktMDYtMjQgMTE6MzA6NDU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;also see ID-40: modified 58 vert. (because it's the same car!)<br /> <br /> I've bought the car in July 2008 in New Mexico, and drove it home over Route 66 with no problems (about 1000 miles). Although some mods have been made to the body, it is a solid, straight and rigid vert. Don't hate me for the mod's; they were done a very long time before I came into my Ghia's life. I will nurture it forever because I really love it! Engine is a 1500 single port (bit more power than the original 30 PK). I'm enjoying it during the summers and doing it up in the winters bit by bit. The body mods will remain for now so I can enjoy the Ghia on the road like it's ment to be; the body work that was done in the past is of very decent quality. Since it was a New Mexico car, the top was not there, so now it will not see any rain before I've installed a new top. I've painted the inside and underside of the floors in Rust-O-leum (cream color), along with all 4 wheel wells: no more rust for ever! I've put disc brakes up front (came with dropped spindles) with dual master cylinder to enhance safety in modern traffic. Also installed a passenger side mirror. Bumpers are stainless steel. Rear discs are planned for this winter (2012) and the Fuchs will stay on it (4.5J in the front and 5.5J in the rear). I will probably replace the taillights back to the originals eventually (i have them, along with the metal inserts), add the rear bumper. But I'll leave the engine lid as is (it's kinda cool and unique like the early 356 style). The front nose was not bondo-ed (there has been no accident damage or dented nose at all), but they have just removed the ridge in the middle and have welded metal back; I'll leave that as is too, because it does not look bad at all and it does'nt distract of the lines of the car too much. The porsche 914 seats sit lower than the original seats, so for the driver's experience I'll leave them in (I'll cut off the head rests, then they will look a bit like the old 356 speedster seats). I'm collecting all missing parts and putting them back on, including the top which was m.i.a. when I got the car. All in all it's a pretty complete driver (that was the goal, because with the body mods, i'm not going make it into a show car without way too many $), and I really enjoy it as such. It's fun to drive and will continu to get better and more original as time goes by. Curious detail: this car was originally delivered to the Netherlands before it was shipped to the USA. No big deal i hear you think, but the interesting part is that I was born and raised in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I moved oversees and am now living in the USA at the moment (and loving it) since a few years, but one day I'll bring this cool lowlight vert back to the Netherlands so it can again be on the soil were it drove its very first miles (yes, miles, not kilometers, since it was a US export model that was eventually going to the USA, and therefore it was ordered with a US speedometer in miles... although it did get to spend some quality time on the winding Dutch open roads first) when it was delivered back in 1958 in its original "perl-weiss" color.<br /> <br /> Update 8/2012: summer is on its retreat, but still love the joy of open touring. The vert needs to share its spot under the sun with my 1965 westy split bus, because I also like to camp out and Volkswagen intended other iconic models than Ghia's for that. Oh yeah, I've ordered a stainless steel exhaust to replace the 4-tip one that was on there when I got it (it sounds great, but doesn't look right, and the rear bumper does not fit on that way, so it has to go),..... to be continued!<br /> 9 april 2013: finally found a decent '58 horn ring assembly, yes! hoping to put the rear disc brakes (airkwld) on soon now and enjoy spring... I will be installing the tach that I've put together, and also I've sourced a kohler clock to go into the fuel gauge hole. I will use 2 other gauges for the fuel and oil temp, they will go somewhere else. Since i'm from the Netherlands, i got a lowlight KM/h speedo. But as long as the car is in the US, I will keep the lowlight Mls/h speedo in the dash.<br /> May 2013: I got a nice dash vase, with a red rose on it. And also a hella red tip blinker switch. Thinking about mounting a hella spot light....<br /> June 2013: I've got the spot light, but will not mount it yet. I also bought a flip-up night visor for the inside rearview mirror. And I've gotten a steering column ignition lock which will go on the column some day, and then a red emergency switch will go in place of the current ignition switch location. The cockpit is slowly starting to look like something nice. I haven't driven it lately though...<br /> August 2013: I'm moving from sweet home Chicago(USA) back to The Netherlands, and guess what will come along with me...<br /> August 2015: life sometimes is busy.... haven't driven the car since August 2013; so it's been exactly 2 years... I did score some European headlight units which are needed to be legal on the Dutch roads.<br /> January 2017: Time flies, I still haven't driven the car in the Netherlands.... currently I'm reviving a Zwitter beetle. It's all good for the little red one: the Ghia is sitting in a dry garage and I fire it up every once and a while to keep it alive.<br /> June 2019: I haven't done anything on the car yet. Scored original low light front seats, and the large K-G hood badge at Bad Camberg. I thinking about going back to stock condition altogether?<br /> <br /> cheers, <br /> Tisius ]]> VIN 2252175 NzM1LTIwMTktMDUtMjEgMjI6NDA6NTk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on E-bay (21-05-2019)<br /> <br /> Gateway Classic Cars of Scottsdale is jubilant to offer this fun-loving 1959 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia for sale in our Arizona showroom. There is a big cult following around these Karmann Ghia's today, that were produced between 1956 and 1975. The Karmann Ghia was originally marketed as the sporty sister of the household name VW Beetle. The values of these Karmann Ghias hold true in the collector world and this one has its own unique story to tell. The owner states that this car was a ‘barn find’ back in 2011 and that he is the 3rd owner of the vehicle in total. The car has been fully restored; the body on this Karmann Ghia is all original, however the top has been chopped. This was professionally carried out by Big Lowery’s Customs in Winslow, Arizona. You will immediately notice the custom Matte Black paintjob on our vehicle as well as the black custom wheels which really make a statement. There is a black cockpit cover that comes with the car if you would like to make sure the new black and white leather interior remains intact during storage. This car features a 1795cc air-cooled 4-cylinder motor and scoots down the road nicely paired with a 4-speed manual transmission. [ omitted ]. This is one heck of a car for the price we are asking and it is sure to be snapped up quick]]> VIN 1910156 NzM0LTIwMTktMDUtMjEgMjI6MzQ6MTU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on Ebay (21 may 2019)<br /> <br /> This beautiful 1958 Karmann Ghia convertible. Restoration was done about six years ago. Was painted original bernina blue. A total body-off restoration was done with new floor pans. Every chrome piece was either rechromed or replaced. Transmission and engine were rebuilt. 36-hp motor was recently replaced with an okrassa motor built by Joe Ruiz. Steering wheel, gauges were all restored. Vehicle has blue canvas top. Seat fabric was made in Australia according to original factory specifications. Carpet is top quality fabric. New engine has about 1,000 miles.]]> VIN 1319025 NzMzLTIwMTktMDUtMTYgMjM6MTY6MzQ= ]]> VIN 2355520 MzI4LTIwMTktMDQtMjQgMjE6MDg6NTA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on E-bay in May 2009 for $8000<br /> <br /> This super sweet ride is a 1959 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. It has an air-cooled , four cylinder engine that has been recently serviced. It is in good running <br /> condition with 105,647 original miles. The headliner is perfect and the carpets and other upholstery are very good. It has the original AM Blaupunkt radio, is a four speed, and has a straight body. The vehicle is located in Winnemucca, Nevada. <br /> <br /> March 2019 - this KG is now located in the UK and will be undergoing a minor restoration and a colour change back to something more in character with the 1950's KG colours.<br /> 143, VW Karmann Ghia Coupé<br /> <br /> Farbe (Body Color) : L 241 bamboo<br /> <br /> Mehrausstattungen (more features) : 128 Weißwandreifen (white wall tyre,) 355 US-Equipment<br /> <br /> Gebaut (construction date) : 8. April 1959<br /> <br /> Ausgeliefert (delivery date) : 11. April 1959<br /> <br /> Auslieferungsort (delivery location): USA<br /> <br /> M 355 US-Ausstattung:<br /> Sicherheitsgurte vorn : Front seat belts<br /> Meilentachometer : mileage tachometer<br /> Sealed-Beam-Scheinwerfer : sealed beam headlights<br /> ( Warnblinklicht : hazard warning light )<br /> ohne Lichthupe : without headlight flasher<br /> Windschutzscheibe aus laminiertem Glas : Laminated glass windscreen<br /> Rammschutz-Stoßstangen : Bumper protection bumpers<br /> Rückfahrscheinwerfer : reversing light<br /> <br /> (12 Volt Anlage : 12 Volt system)<br /> ]]> VIN 2257925 NzMyLTIwMTktMDItMTkgMjI6MTE6MzU= ]]> VIN 1402100 NzMxLTIwMTktMDItMTggMjI6MTc6MTI= ]]> coupe NzMwLTIwMTktMDItMTQgMjE6NDU6MDk= ]]> VIN 1784225 NjA0LTIwMTktMDItMTMgMjE6NTI6NTk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Karmann Ghia lowlight de 1.958, restaurado hace unos años y actualmente esta pintandose, color original VW L087 beige con interior rojo, no tiene ningun oxido, esta todo completamente restaurado 100x100, con este precio, se entrega con motor pie mole original 1200 y llantas originales, con neumaticos nuevos. Actualmente monta un motor 1600 con doble carburacion, puente recortado con reguladores y laminas traseras regulables, llantas Aluminio Oldspeed y discos delanteros con 4 neumaticos nuevos, ademas de equipo de audio y video oculto en la guantera y altavoces con etapas en la trasera de la banqueta de alta gama, se vende totalmente original por este precio o se estudia la posibilidad de dejarlo tal cual esta por 30.000 Euros, precios no negociables. Actualmente matriculado como vehiculo historico. Funciona perfectamente a toda prueba, envio fotos con reportaje de la restauracion. ]]> VIN 1946595 NzI5LTIwMTktMDItMTMgMjE6NTA6NTY= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;This Ghia is ready to restore. It's been sitting a long time. "Tis overall complete with solid rockers but it needs other repairs like a spare tire well and floor pans. YOU NAME THE PRICE, but be realistic. All the hard to find stuff is still there]]>