Last Modified Listing Feed gazelle beige 1957 ghia ODAzLTIwMjQtMDctMTIgMTk6NDY6MjM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;This car was originally delivered in South Dakota, possibly to Donovan Thorpe. It was then moved from South Dakota to Garden Grove, CA in the mid-1970s. It kept its South Dakota licence plates the whole time it was in CA, with the last known registration being 1985. It was rarely driven, just around the block occasionally to keep it alive. Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s, it was stashed in a garage.<br /> Donovan Thorpe, and he taught auto repair shop. The car may or may not have been worked on by his students. He may have restored the car in the mid to late 70s. He left the car to his daughter, who sold it to Thomas Illick in 2022 in Brea, CA. It is now unrestored but mechanically refurbished, driving around Santa Cruz, CA most weekends.]]> Coupe ODAyLTIwMjMtMTAtMjggMTY6NDc6MDc= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Bought this car at an auction. Don't know any history other than the license plate is dated 1973. It was a Lizard green car ,but is currently black. My plan is to restore it.]]> Montage Suisse MTk5LTIwMjMtMTAtMTIgMjE6Mzk6NTA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;This is one of the 1098 Karmann-ghia produced by AMAG in suisse. The car is also called montage suisse. <br /> <br /> These AMAG cars had some small differences like the dashpad. <br /> <br /> Very rare car]]> VIN 1106690 MzktMjAyMy0xMC0xMiAyMTozMzozNg== BEFORE RESTAURATION<span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;56 Ghia original,116,000 original miles on car and engine, matching numbers car was painted and reupholstered 30 years ago. <br /> April 2022 car is being restored, original colors and original ( dark green corduroy and light yellow imitation)on leather<br /> <br /> ]]> Th fourth generation karmann Ghia Lowlight NTY2LTIwMjMtMDktMjMgMDI6MzQ6NDQ= ]]> VIN 1-09886xx golfcar MTQtMjAyMy0wOS0xMCAxNjowNjoyNg== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;In September of 2007, 988604 came to light in northern California, another late October 1955 car. It, however, had been subjected to the disgrace of being converted at some point in its checkered past into a golf cart (!) with the nose chopped off (!!) and the rear chopped off too (!!!). There's probably no chance that it'll ever resemble a beautiful Karmann-Ghia Coupe again <br /> ]]> La macchina del Puffo NzcyLTIwMjMtMDgtMDkgMTQ6MDE6MzY= ]]> VIN 2094800 NDAxLTIwMjMtMDctMTMgMTI6Mzk6Mjk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Original color colorado.<br /> Delivery date: Oct. 8th, 1958]]> VIN 2057720 NjY3LTIwMjMtMDctMDkgMjA6Mzc6MTI= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Car is currently under going restoration 2021<br /> 2023 Update: Body and paint completed. Re-assembly has begun. Numbers matching motor has been rebuilt, awaiting installation. ]]> VIN 1769009 Njc2LTIwMjMtMDYtMTYgMDE6NTY6MzM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Currently its the second oldest Cabrio known ,so my goal<br /> Is to make it %99 numbers matching, from what I see all the doors And hoods are stamped # 109. very happy, also the body has no signs of bondo !!<br /> Car was never wrecked. I will start on it soon, need to finish my Cabrio. June of 58.1st.I will update w/<br /> Pict. soon]]> Webasto-sunroofed '55-build. MTYtMjAyMy0wNC0yNSAxODo0NjowNA== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Webasto-sunroofed '55-build.<br /> <br /> The car spent some time in the UK before it made its way to the US. The original owner was connected with the Porsche factory in some way. The black 55 has a 356 motor that was installed by the original owner back in Germany. It also has a tach where the clock should be. It also is decked out with Porsche guages, and a Webasto rag top. <br /> <br /> The White car is a 56 with 30k miles. It has a 356 Super that was installed by the original owner. The cars were put into that storage garage in 1963. These two cars are very nice. They are not perfect but they are also not restored!. Alot of history here!<br /> ]]> VIN 2144150 ODAxLTIwMjItMDktMTkgMjE6MjA6MzE= ]]> VIN 2366486 MzgzLTIwMjItMDktMTkgMjE6MTg6NTg= ]]> 59 coupe NzkyLTIwMjItMDktMTggMDE6MjY6MDY= ]]> VW 143 Coupè NzQ3LTIwMjItMDktMTYgMjE6Mzg6MjU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;AMAG Montages Suisse car<br /> Lauf nr 3184<br /> Farb No 2_060/2_578]]> Rare 58 Amazon Green ODAwLTIwMjItMDktMTYgMDE6MzA6NDk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Great little car. Just finished the restore more pics soon ]]> Ghia Nzk3LTIwMjItMDktMTYgMDE6MTY6Mjg= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Is Yellow now and needs restoration. ]]> VIN 2475473 (for sale) Nzk2LTIwMjItMDktMTMgMjI6MTU6NTU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;One of the last Lowlight convertibles made. <br /> <br /> Original German car that was bought into the Netherlands in the early 60th and have been in the same family since. Now the son and doughter decided to offer the car for sale.<br /> <br /> This car have been hidden in a barn in the Netherlands for nearly 50 years and have not seen any rain during that time (also hardly any sunshine). The car is super solid and has no rust. <br /> <br /> It still has the original setas and doorpanels and also the original rare dashpad in very good condition <br /> <br /> The owner "upgraded" the car to his personal taste (new rearlights, bigger engine, different steering wheel and some changes on the dash). <br /> The good thing is that original steering wheel, rear light, the nose badge and also some other parts that are not seen in the picture are present and comes with the sale. <br /> <br /> The car needs some love to change the "upgrades" back to original and off course needs a technical check as it hasn't been driven much in the past 40 years. <br /> <br /> More pictures and information on request.<br /> <br /> Mail me:]]> 1957 Karmann Ghia Nzk1LTIwMjItMDgtMDcgMDA6Mjc6MDU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Mostly original condition]]> VIN 1775890 Nzk0LTIwMjItMDgtMDYgMjM6MjQ6MTE= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba in july 2022.<br /> <br /> Up for sale is this 1958 Karmann Ghia convertible. Convertible body stamp of #150. Matching VIN/body tag and pan. Thin back front seats. This just came out of a long term ownership of 50 years. This is an original black plate car that runs and drives with a 1835 engine, 67 trans, and converted to a 12 volt system. This Ghia was painted back in 1980 and some of the usual bodywork of the era was performed. Overall it's fairly solid, complete, and should clean up nicely. Years ago it had a Porsche 356 engine installed and the decklid rack and tach still remain in the car. Some additional items include some of the carpet, rear bumper, and another hood. Clear California title and current registration included. Fun little driver that can be enjoyed right away and taken to the next level by the new owner when they are ready. ]]> VIN 1811840 MTQwLTIwMjItMDgtMDYgMjI6NDI6MDQ= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Rescued by a pair of chancers who got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to clear out a collector's yard <br /> - As long as they did it pronto <br /> And when I said clear out, I mean CLEAR OUT <br /> <br /> OG engine is missing ]]> 3428 NzkzLTIwMjItMDgtMDYgMTg6NDI6MDY= ]]> VIN 2312245 NzkwLTIwMjItMDgtMDEgMjE6NDk6MDg= ]]> 58 coupe NzkxLTIwMjItMDctMTggMTk6NDY6NDQ= ]]> VIN 1402687 NDg0LTIwMjItMDctMTcgMjI6NTQ6Mzk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba.<br /> <br /> Complete 1957 low light Karmann Ghia, whole car or cut up. Car was stripped and started 20 years ago and left, now a patina of light surface rust everywhere. Complete front end, never hit, from the dash out, $2,000. cut off. All original door panels and seats in original upholstery. Had passenger rear quarter repaired long ago by an amateur. Listening to offer on all or pieces. <br /> <br /> Update 2022: the car is in Germany and in restauration (bodywork is done and the car is painted)]]>