Last Modified Listing Feed Karmann Ghia lowlight NzY3LTIwMjEtMDEtMTIgMTA6Mjg6NDQ= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Barnfind! <br /> Car stood 52 years in a barn near Stuttgart. Found in 2017. Accident free car with all original parts, matching numbers.<br /> This car will be restored within the next years to get it back on the road again.]]> VIN 1-1035948 MTEtMjAyMS0wMS0wOSAyMTowNTowMw== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;a restoration is in progress, so the car is partially dissassembled.<br /> <br /> Currently owned by a person who runs a Porsche restoration businesses in the US.]]> 2115010 NzY1LTIwMjEtMDEtMDcgMDM6NTM6MzM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;delivered to Portland September 15 1958]]> VIN 1721689 NzY0LTIwMjEtMDEtMDYgMjA6NTc6MzA= ]]> VIN 1736565 NzYzLTIwMjEtMDEtMDIgMTU6MzA6NDY= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Build 29-NOv-1957, <br /> Delivered to Sub afrika on 11-Dec 1957]]> VIN 1494497 NzYyLTIwMjAtMTItMjcgMTc6MDk6MjI= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;1957 from Raymond Glahn from West Fork, Arkansas. USA <br /> <br /> ]]> VIN 1708660 NzYxLTIwMjAtMTItMjYgMjE6MzM6MTE= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba in dec 2020<br /> <br /> I’m selling my 1958 trout blue Karman Ghia all bodywork except from the a pillar forward has been done car is 100% dry no rust all the existing parts for the car our present only parts missing is the front head badge and the outside lower body trim. It is an original matching numbers pan body engine Case still has it split case transmission. Seats are in great shape still showing there original upholstery back seat is perfect original wiring harness is all intact. Great car I’ve just moved onto another project. That’s the reason for the sale. I can do a international sale and help w shipping no big deal. Fell free to contact me w questions via text message or email. I will post more pics ltr today! Nothing to hide car is awesome! Happy holidays. Clean title Pink slip in hand. California car has been garaged last 40 years. No trades only for money.]]> Karmann Coupe NzYwLTIwMjAtMTItMjYgMjA6NDg6NTI= ]]> VIN 1365546 NzU5LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjM6MTQ6NDA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;California car * sat in a field for 20 years* <br /> once was lizard green with deep green roof <br /> rusty in areas (*too much of a project for me at this time) <br /> pans ,heater channels, rockers, spare tire area etc... <br /> <br /> the 80's were rough on this one <br /> headlight buckets are cutout for bug headlights <br /> spare tire area is messed up from being lowered <br /> pan and body are original <br /> no interior <br /> no bumpers <br /> window regulators and doors work well <br /> incorrect transmission (later model swingaxle )needs rebuild <br /> have a pile of parts that come with the car (36hp engine in pieces, wiring, exhaust, windshield, rear window misc..) <br /> <br /> no back fees out of dmv system (bill of sale only) <br /> no shipping unless you send a shipper to get it <br /> no parting out unless you need $4000 worth of parts <br /> ]]> VIN 1759029 NzU4LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjM6MTE6MzY= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba on dec 2020<br /> <br /> Full restoration 1958 Karmann ghia coupe. <br /> Cloth interior,German square weave carpet <br /> 2109cc IDA motor freeway flyer transmission Empi disk front n rear. <br /> Sits on 4.5 and 5.5 Hans detailed Fuchs. ]]> VIN 151xxxx NzU3LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjM6MDM6NTI= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba in Nov 2020<br /> <br /> 1957 coupe, very rusty but complete with glass, seats, engine, bought it in Edmonton, Alberta 15 years ago. No papers, located in Surrey, BC, Canada. <br /> ]]> VIN 2168760 NzU2LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjI6NTU6MDM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;For sale on thesamba in Oct 2020<br /> <br /> 1959 Ghia Lowlight Restoration Project Price: 19900 <br /> <br /> 1959 Ghia Lowlight Coupe, restoration project. I have owned this Karman Ghia since 1972 and due to my age of 91, it appears time as run out so I want to offer this to someone else to finish. Clean, Indiana title ready to transfer. This Ghia is probably 90% original with 1200 engine number 2641804, transmission, new pans, and body parts. This includes all gauges, switches, knobs, trim, engine tin, glass, mirrors, sun visor etc. are all ORIGINAL as far as I know. Ghia has always been stored inside. <br /> <br /> The nice part about this project is that the following is already completed: <br /> • The seats, the door panels etc. are all done in genuine, hunter green leather. <br /> • The carpet is all done in plush gray carpet material. <br /> • The headliner is completely sewn and ready for installation. <br /> • All parts have been cleaned, organized and packaged separately ready to be installed as soon as painted. <br /> • All old paint was removed to the bare metal and has been repaired, primed and ready for paint. My original thought was to paint this car in VW light green metallic. <br /> • RARE!!! I have the ORIGINAL VW gas heater, ORIGINAL VW trailer hitch, and ORIGINAL MANUFACTURERS ID TAGS. <br /> <br /> This Lowlight Ghia is located in Warsaw, Indiana. Buyer is responsible for pickup at their expense. Car can be stored for a short period of time upon closing receipt of either cash or bank wire transfer. <br /> ]]> VIN 140xxxx NzU1LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjI6NDU6MDU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;KARMANN GHIA 1957 LOW LIGHT VERY GOOD CONDITION, RESTORED ORIGINAL PIECES AND PARTS, CLASSIC PLATES WITH IPN CERTIFICATE, I600 CC, BUMPERS LIGHTS, REAR LIGHTS DASH WITH ORIGINAL INSTRUMENTS AND RADIO,IS WORKING PERFECTLY, MOLDS COMPLETE, ETC... SEE PICTURES. IS IN MEXICO CITY]]> VIN 1358486 NzU0LTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjI6Mzg6NTM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;was for sale on thesamba in sept 2020]]> VIn 1860775 NzUzLTIwMjAtMTItMTMgMjI6MzA6MzU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;for sale on thesamba oct 2020<br /> <br /> For sale is a 1959 Karmann Ghia coupe. VIN:1860775. Original color body: L241 bamboo and roof: L318 dark green. Beautiful combination once restored to original condition. <br /> Very solid car . Needs body work and floor pans. <br /> Missing : engine, original steering wheel, windshield, one quarter glass, rear decklid. <br /> Has correct seats and gas tank. More pictures upon request. <br /> Buyer pays for shipping. <br /> Cash or bank check.<br /> ]]> VIN 132xxxx NzUyLTIwMjAtMTEtMjcgMjA6MDE6MjU= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;the same lady owned the car since 1959 up until 2007. it was repainted Mango over the OG lizard Green at some point, and then she got in a front end collision, where the drivers side headlight was replaced with a 63 era donor and the entire front clip was re-repainted Mango and the front bumper replaced. car has its original engine running with around 160k miles on it<br /> <br /> It has Original Ghia Hurst Bumpers on it (original instructions came with it, a Judson Scoop (had a judson now missing) , Lowlight specific trip speedometer and a Lowlight Specific engine bay mounted eberspacher gas heater installed (also has original owner manual for heater).<br /> <br /> ]]> 1956 Coupe NzUxLTIwMjAtMTEtMTMgMDM6MDg6MTM= ]]> Karmann Ghia NzUwLTIwMjAtMTEtMDIgMTk6NDU6MzM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Father original owner, purchased in '57 in Germany while in the Army. Purchased from dad in '83, put in storage in '90 when off to Operation Desert Shield / Storm, been in garage for 30 years. Just started full body off restoration, 2 - 3 years to complete.]]> 1958 Ghia Convertible NDEtMjAyMC0xMC0xOSAwMDoxOTo1Nw== <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Acquired in 2002, this Ghia cabriolet is very solid. Motor is a smooth running 1600 and drives very nicely.]]> VIN 1851800 NzQ5LTIwMjAtMTAtMDUgMjA6MDg6Mzc= ]]> VIN 1-1005165, Body 611 NzQ4LTIwMjAtMTAtMDUgMjA6MDM6MDM= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Car was found in 2020]]> VW 143 Coupè NzQ3LTIwMjAtMDgtMjUgMTY6MzE6MDE= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;AMAG Montages Suisse car<br /> Lauf nr 3184<br /> Farb No 2_060/2_578]]> 1957 lowlight MTM1LTIwMjAtMDYtMjAgMTg6Mzk6Mzk= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;i havent done alot of serchin for history of my ghia but is is a 57 and any help would be great.and yes i do know it sits on a later pan thanks <br /> <br /> 2009 update this ghia was totaled and cut up with as sawzall]]> Coupe NzQzLTIwMjAtMDYtMDkgMDQ6MjA6NDY= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Shipped to Raffay dealership. Originally Cardinal Red with whitewall tires. 12v conversion, dual master cylinder modification. Original engine lost, currently 1200cc 36hp.]]> VIN 1-1043113 NjQ4LTIwMjAtMDUtMjUgMTk6MDA6NTA= <span class="field_caption">Full Description</span>:&nbsp;Pulled out of long term storage (40+years) in March 2014. Preservation project. Lower half repaint,original interior.]]>